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       Newly designed buildings located on the outskirts of small town in close proximity to the lake. Surrounded by residential buildings and agricultural landscape. Houses are conceived as ideal place for living for five-person families. Energy efficiency, traditional form and low-cost to build were among the most important factors in design process. Their design emphasizes functionality. The only ornament is texture and colour of used materials: bleached wood, in-situ concrete and painted plaster. Development comprises of two two-storied, L-shaped, gable roofed, detached buildings. These are almost identical – vary only in appearance of lean-by conservatory.
      The houses open up to the sun to the south, with thick insulated walls to retain heat to the north. South orientated walls have large windows to maximize solar gain. In contrary north façades have as little glazing as necessary to lit rooms. North and west sides of the buildings are protected against wind by a group of trees and hedges. Each building is divided into functional spaces. Ground floor accommodates garage, kitchen and living space. This is connected through glazed façades and terraces with sunny gardens. First floor contains four bedrooms, bathroom and large south-faced terrace.
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